Group Health Insurance Plans

Health insurance has been a hot topic for some time, and group health insurance benefits are possibly more important to employees than ever.  If you currently offer a group health insurance benefit, perhaps it’s time to re-evaluate your program. If you do not offer it, this could be an excellent time to consider it.  Here at the Schaefer & Delauder Insurance agency in Germantown and Frederick, Maryland, we can answer your questions and help you plan the best coverage for you and your company.

Why Offer Group Health Insurance Benefit Plans?

Group health insurance is a tool for attracting and retaining good employees by offering health care coverage for them and perhaps their dependents. 

There are many types and varieties of health care plans, both indemnity and managed-care.  This gives you many options to consider as you build a program that fits the needs of your company and your employees. 

There are special tax incentives for companies that elect to offer a group health benefit program, and employees usually share the cost.

Who Pays for Group Health Insurance Premiums?

Typically, when you offer a group health plan, your company pays a percentage of the employees’ premiums with the remainder covered by the employee, often as a payroll deduction.

Whether your business is located in MD, VA, PA, WV,NC, DE or DC, our experienced agents, here at the Schaefer & Delauder Insurance agency in Germantown and Frederick, MD, can help you explore your options and compare group health benefit plans to come up with the one that best suits your situation.  Just contact us today to discuss how we can help.

The scope of your insurance coverage and options depend entirely upon the policy and the insurance company providing it.  This website is not intended to advise, offer or bind coverage.  You should always discuss your insurance issues with professionals such as a licensed and qualified insurance agent like those at the Schaefer & Delauder Insurance agency before making any decisions or choosing a course of action.

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