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Older Car: Keep or Trade?

insurance tips for drivers of older carsIf you are driving an older car by choice, then you probably already know that you’re not alone. In 2007, Americans were keeping their cars for over nine years before replacing them. Moreover, newer research shows that the average age of the almost 2.5 million cars on the road exceeded 11 years in 2014; and that figure is expected to inch closer to 12 years during the next four years. Why is this so?

It’s all about the Makers, the Mileage and the Money.

Read What’s Behind Drivers Keeping Cars Longer?” (, Dec. 2014) for all the details.

Should You Worry About High Mileage?

A car’s usefulness is often measured by its accumulated mileage. While 200,000 miles is considered to be a benchmark, today, there are some remarkable exceptions to that rule. Before you act too quickly to replace your older vehicle based on mileage, take a look at Joe LoCicero’s 1990 Honda Accord which he purchased second-hand in 1996 and on which the mileage now exceeds one million miles.

LoCicero, a vehicle inspector from Maine, drives an average of over 60,000 miles each year on the job and says he strictly abides by the vehicle manual’s maintenance schedule, handling some of the car maintenance projects himself – including rebuilding his car’s engine.

See for yourself... View the video about LoCicero’s Honda and get all the details.

Auto Insurance Tip

Most insurance agents would typically agree that a combination of many variables impact your auto insurance rate. A potential insured’s driving record is a major factor, likely having more impact than the vehicle they drive. While an older vehicle is likely to need more frequent maintenance, the newer vehicle including all the new technology and safety features tends to cost much more to repair when something does go wrong. Take some time to speak to your insurance agent who can respond based on the specifics of your own situation.

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Our very experienced insurance agents, here at the Schaefer & Delauder Insurance Agency, both in Germantown and Frederick, would be glad to help you prepare for your retirement.  In fact, why not contact us to discuss retirement planning or any other insurance needs at your convenience?


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